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(currently not available)

Whether your pet or you and your pet need a lift to a grooming appointment, veterinarian appointment, boarding facility, daycare, or playdate at the park, our pet taxi service is what you need.  We are available every day of the week. 

We have dog beds and mats for a comfortable ride and dog seatbelts to ensure safety.  Otherwise, we offer crates if you prefer that your dog is confined within an area.

15min: $15.00   30min: $20.00

45min: $30.00   60min: $40.00


A sure way to keep your dog happy and healthy is to provide a couple of 20+ minute walks per day but fitting a couple of walks into your daily schedule isn’t always easy.  Having an experienced dog walker gives you the peace of mind that your dog is well taken care of while you are busy handling life’s responsibilities.


For dogs with a disability, a medical condition, or aging dogs dealing with arthritis and joint pain our focus is to modify each walk to make it unique for their age, for their condition, and your expectations. 

(additional dog $5 each)

20 min: $15.00   30min: $20.00

45min: $25.00   60min:  $35.00


Cats are creatures of habit; they love to stay home. By hiring a cat sitter your cat will be able to stay in the environment that he/she knows and loves while you’re away, and you will be able to relax, all while their feeding routines are uninterrupted.

Morning estimated time frame of visits is 7:00 am – 10:00 am.  We attempt to do all morning visits before 10:00 am.  Afternoon estimated time frame of visits is 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm. 

Our cat visit includes: Feeding, Fresh Water, Litter Box Scooping, Medication/Vitamin, Playtime

(additional dog $5 each)

20 min: $15.00   30min: $20.00

45min: $25.00   60min:  $35.00

IN-HOME CARE (overnight)

A slumber pawty for your pet! 


It is finally time for a well-earned break and you are going away for the weekend or longer, maybe you have a special occasion to attend, or an unfortunate emergency to take care of.  This means you need someone to look after your pet but changing his/her routine by leaving him/her with a friend, family member, or neighbor can be very stressful for your pet.  With our in-home care service you get to relax and enjoy yourself while you’re away and your pet stays comfortable and safe at home.  


-Your dog will get a walk when the pet sitter arrives and a morning walk before the pet sitter leaves. 

Overnight $50.00

Additional pet per night $10.00

(currently not available)

Place an order to a local store and we’ll pick it up and deliver it to you OR hand over the list of items you need to us and we will head out to the store, pick up your items, and drop them off to you. Our pet supply delivery service includes pet food, treats, medication, toys, collars, leashes, harness, clothing, grooming supplies…and the list goes on!

Cost of Goods

Plus $15.00 delivery fee


No more worrying about whether your home is safe from an unexpected house incident while keeping your home looking lived in to deter potential burglars. 

A home sitter can provide home security by coming in and out of your home, lights can be turned on and off, window treatments can be adjusted, and your mail or packages will be brought in.  Trash cans can be placed out for collection and then put back when they have been emptied.  Watering of plants according to your instructions. 

A home sitter can also spot a potential problem (leaky sink, gas smell, etc.) and stop it from becoming bigger by contacting the appropriate service provider.   

20 min: $15.00


$15.00 for Dog Walk, Pet Sitting, and House Sitting


$25.00 for In-Home Care (overnight)




Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Years Day



(unless due to inclement weather) - $10.00

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